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Querying: The Art of Being a Busy Bee

I’m querying my novel, and have been for a few weeks now. The very first query I sent received a partial request the day after I sent it–and it was soon upgraded to a full. How EXCITING, right? Well, yes, as a matter of fact, it was (and still is)! But we all know that this is not the norm for querying. Querying typically takes time…lots and lots and lots of time. Luckily for me, when I began to send my query to agents, I settled in for the long haul, determined to enjoy the ride from the very beginning. If you can’t be patient, querying will kill you (not literally, but at the very least you might feel like climbing the walls). I imagine being on submission is even harder.

Despite my serene and determined approach to the whole process, I am still a human being. I wake up in the morning excited to check my email. And, truthfully, I check it a lot. I’ve unsubscribed from ALL THE THINGS so as not to get junk mail, and I think about my queries (and my submissions) constantly. But still, I feel good! The experience of trying to get a book published is so unique–so magical–that I can’t help but enjoy it! This is me, querying my favorite piece out of all that I’ve written, to agents who are hand-picked and researched and amazing. How could that not be something to celebrate?

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I have a plan. And when I have a plan, it is on the business end of my organizational and strategic abilities.

The plan, of course, is to get my novel published. The book is sort of a genre-bending YA sci-fi/fantasy/romance. It’s my second novel (the first was my “practice book”), and out of every story I’ve ever written or imagined, it is my favorite.

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