Monthly Archives: January 2016


People, tell me: am I the only one absolutely bubbling over with ideas these days?! Maybe it’s the sparkling, shiny newness of 2016, or maybe it’s just because I took a break during the holidays, but I am FULL of happy inspiration and I can’t seem to write fast enough!! New story ideas are slapping me in the face, epiphanies about OLD stories are popping up in the middle of the night, and dialogue is writing itself every time I step into the shower. I haven’t felt this supercharged in months. And it’s good. It’s sooooo good. :D

It’s not just writing, either: it’s reading, too. My TBR has become an ominous thing–and the more writers I meet on Twitter, the larger the list becomes!! I want to wrap myself in words this year, and celebrate the magic of books. Join me, and together we will rule the galaxy as father and son…or…you know. Just revel in the written word or something!! JOIN ME!!


I’m looking forward to seeing what you all write, read, learn, love, and bitch about on Twitter. You guys make me so happy! :)