Monthly Archives: January 2017


To all members of the book community: I had no part in what took place on Twitter this morning. I am FURIOUS with the individual who took it upon himself to a) speak on my behalf, and b) insert my name and the title of my book into a discussion that served only to fuel anger, divisiveness, and controversy. I have repeatedly asked those who know me to stay out of online discussions about the book, and, in particular, not to engage with those who are critical of THE CONTINENT. I was mortified to hear about all of this, and, at a personal level, consider Declan’s tweets to be a betrayal of the worst kind.

While I cannot control what others may say, I can communicate to you here in very clear terms that I value criticism, have listened to all feedback concerning the book, and am working to address those concerns. I remain tremendously appreciative to those in the writing community who offered constructive insight, guidance, and feedback in regard to THE CONTINENT. I feel very blessed to have such an incredible network of friends, critics, readers, and industry professionals at my side, and am so grateful to Harlequin TEEN for allowing me the opportunity to revise before publication. I see with clarity that the comparisons drawn between the fictitious peoples of the book and those of existing cultures are valid and important, and, once again, wish to communicate how sorry I am that the original version of the book reflected these and other harmful representations.

Again, I apologize to any who felt hurt, angry, or upset by either the original text of the book or by Declan’s online tirade.

Much love to you all. <3